Sunday, December 04, 2016

Green Earth Choice

Since our high school days, our teacher has been annoying us with green living related assignments and bombarded us on reminders on how to help save our environment. We have heard a lot about this issue a million times already. It has been part of the news, talk shows, and a section of our daily newspaper, an element of the President’s speech, topics for seminars and conferences and even the subject of our daily conversations. However, how well do we really know the essence of going green? Have we applied it into our daily routines and practices, or we just let the information pass by us?

If you exert an effort to try to conserve the Earth’s natural resources, then you are believed to be living in a lifestyle of green living. It doesn’t necessarily mean a total transformation of your life but only a few adjustments to carry out. You are concerned citizens that are conscious not to harm the environment. You make an attempt to modify your everyday life to help save the environment by cautiously choosing the products you purchase that can damage the earth and limit using them. After all, who wouldn’t want a healthy and greener future for the next generation? Let us make Earth a better place to live in through these effortless green living awareness tips:

1. Be aware of the earth’s problems and act on it. This is our planet and we have the right to safeguard and preserve it. Educating yourself will help you deal with the environmental issues more effectively. Taking action helps prevent further harm and reverse the damage.

2. Protect our ozone layer. For sure you are very much acquainted with the ozone layer. It serves as the earth’s protective shield. If we use harmful chemicals that can destroy this shield, we are actually ruining the earth by contributing to the existing damage in it. There is a hole in the ozone layer that is getting bigger every time harmful materials are being used.

3. Reduce pollution by driving less. With all the cars congesting up on the roads, gas and pollution are everywhere. You wouldn’t want to inhale all the polluted air. If you’re going to the same place where your friend is heading to, ride along with your pal. If your destination is just nearby, don’t use your car and go for a walk instead. And if you need to go on a drive to buy something, make sure you have listed all the things to purchase so you won’t be driving back again in case you forgot something on your list. You can also try alternative forms of transportation like bicycling. In that way, you are not causing more pollution. Travel at a minimum too because air travel is responsible for emitting greenhouse gases.

4. Save energy and conserve water. Shut off lights upon leaving the room and turn off appliances when not in use. Unplug them since keeping them plugged even when not in use still draws electricity. Use energy saving light bulbs and devices. These are readily available at stores near you.

5. Plant and care for trees in your backyard or in your office. We all know how trees help us, so we need to show a little concern to them.

6. Take advantage of Electronic Billing. Online electronic billing gets rid of papers, which are made from trees. Besides, it is now very accessible and convenient to use. Unlike bills that have to be mailed, aside from the use of numerous papers, it uses machines and other natural resources to deliver it to different homes.

7. Substitute harmful chemicals found in household cleaning products with natural resources like baking soda, cornstarch, ketchup, salt, lemon juice and vinegar.

8. Use natural fertilizers and pesticides.

9. Make a compost pit to help reduce waste.

10. Reuse and buy recycled products. You can always keep your shopping bags for the next use. A plastic kind of bags can be used as a garbage lining. Do not waste so many papers. Reuse unfilled notebooks and use papers wisely like using it as scratch if there is still space you can still utilize. This way, you help reduce the demand for natural resources.

11. Teach your kids on green living by showing to them that you are a good example. Prove them that you are serious so that they will do the same.

12. Spread to others the beauty of living the green way. If we all cooperate to help impede the detrimental hazards that our dearly planet is experiencing, we might lessen our fear of not having an improved quality life has to offer. In the end, everybody in the entire world will from benefit it. The rewards will all be worth it.

Be sensitive to others. Preservation is still much better than taking risks. Live a simple life. Begin with little alterations and make a difference! Go clean and green.